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Before the beta when I shared a website to Evernote it would grab the main frame from the site, create a relevant title, and have a live link in the note - brilliant! Now I’m just getting an inactive link to the website and a title that says “shared link” - nearly useless. 

What’s happened?

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Same here - I'm getting nothing.  When I tap the Share button, then select Evernote as the target, I see a panel pop up that says "Tap here to add title" - but I was quite happy with the titles that Evernote's Clipper used to put in there most of the time.  I don't want to be typing in titles when I'm saving clipped notes on the fly.  Then I tap on "Save".  Then the panel just disappears after telling me that the clip will sync with Evernote next time I open Evernote on this device (both iPhone and iPad Pro, both running iOS14).

But NOTHING goes into Evernote.  I've tried it from Safari, and from Flipboard, my two main sources of clips, and in neither of them does the clipper work.  It just doesn't do anything.  Nothing appears in Evernote, on the same device, even when I open Evernote immediately after "clipping".

What has happened to the clipper?  It has been working just fine for years, and now it is completely broken.

I won't be updating to a new version of Evernote on my Macs when it comes out, that's for sure - my current version 7 has been working flawlessly for years, with no updates.

Is this a bug in the new iOS Evernote, or a problem with iOS14, or a combination of both?


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