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Solution for Filterize reminders being 1 hour late

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After troubleshooting a lot, I finally fixed an issue I was having with filterize and Evernote whereby reminders that I created for 5pm would display as reminders for 6pm.  I live near Toronto (btw, Evernote, you have that listed as Eastern Standard Time - America/Toronto rather than Canada/Toronto - there are entries for Canada, so it isn't me being overly sensitive).

If it's happening to you, set the timezone to Eastern Standard Time - America/New York. That's the only time zone I tested that worked.  (go to Web version, Your account, Settings, Reminders, TimeZone)

The nitty gritty: I think Evernote tried to take into account Daylight Savings Time for Easterners, which adds one hour to Eastern Standard Time between March and November. However, I think when they added that hour, they did it on Daylight Savings Time (which already accounts for it) rather than on all the various Eastern Standard Times in their list that I tested. The result is that 2 hours are added during DST instead of just the one.

the filterize nitty gritty: I have a filter that extracts date and time and turns them into reminders. So 20200801 17:00 would give me a reminder time of Aug 1 2020 5 pm. Most Eastern Standard Time Zones available in the list (aside from the New York one) set my reminders for 6 pm instead of 5 pm.

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Good to know. 

There is a time zone setting under reminders in the web account settings area.  Though I doubt this has anything to do with other dates/times.  It does effect when the reminder appears but that doesn't make much difference as I am typically not there to see the reminder.  

System time zone needs to be considered with most apps.  On my email calendar app if I maintain the time zone for appointments the appointments move about based upon system time zone.  Ditto for tasks.  Both of which use the gmail backend,

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