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Is there a definitive list of which features are available on which clients?

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Hi all.

I'm a premium subscriber, but have drifted away from using Evernote recently. I'm thinking about coming back to the fold, but there are one or two things that are causing me pause.

My main requirements over and above text input and photo input (both of which work fine) are:

  • Writing code snippets. In particular, I want the editor to respect the whitespace I enter, because it is significant in Python
  • Tables.

I've found that these capabilities aren't universal across the Evernote clients I use - I've attached an image showing a comparison table of the clients I have access to, and whether or not they support these features. 

I understand that different platforms may offer different capabilities (although I'm a bit surprised that the web client differs depending on what browser I use). Does Evernote publish a list of which features are supported by which client? And I'd be a happy bunny if the iPhone and iPad clients were to support tables and code blocks. 😀


evernote features.png

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Hi.  If you check the Evernote Blog you'll see that the team are in course of pretty much re-engineering the app for all platforms with a view to harmonising the look and feel as far as possible,  given the constraints of operating systems and screen -vs- keyboard sizes and differences.  That should happen this year - until then there is no definitive guide to what's possible on which device,  other than to try it out...

I do know that preserving spaces in coding seems to be ... difficult... at the moment within Evernote,  but if there's a coding app that will run cross-platform on your preferred devices,  you can always attach the output file to a note so that it's available wherever you can access Evernote.

(Just to add to the fun,  if you go into Settings on the web version,  you'll find the previous web UI there as an optional switch - with more and different features to the current beta...)

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