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web clipper in safari is missing

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I have been using the web clipper in SAFARI just fine and today the icon is missing.  Nothing I do will bring it back. It is in my Google Chrome browser, just not Safari.  I opened the App Store and clicked to open the evernote clipper, then clicked Enable Evernote Clipper and nothing happens.


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In the AppStore it is still existent, and on my Mac in Safari it is available and working as it did for quite a while now.

I am running the latest Catalina and EN client on my macBook Pro.

Is there any security, anti-virus or similar software on your Mac that may block it from working ? If you can't solve the problem, I would rather contact support.


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1 hour ago, Tammi Keffer said:

Yes, on my mac


When you are in Safari go to preferences and check to see if it's still ticked on the extensions tab. It may have been unticked in an update. Not often does it happen, but it can. If it is still there I would check to see if there's maybe an update that you missed. I'm running the developer beta of Big Sur and it's working just fine. Had no issues with it before I downloaded the beta either.

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I have this exact problem. Running Catalina and Safari and Chrome on iMac desktop. Evernote web clipper works perfectly on Chrome. It worked perfectly on Safari, until recently when this exact situation occurred. Evernote Web Clipper not listed in the preference extension list, and when I go to Extensions which takes me to App Store, the only choice is "Open". When I do, the Web clipper icon opens on the screen toolbar, and when I click to activate it, nothing happens. Nothing. And so no Web clipper app icon next to the URL address window, and no listing in the extension preference window. 

I will add that this was temporally related to apparent malware hijacking my search engine from Google to Yahoo. After running ComboCleaner, the malware was removed, Google search returned as my search engine, but no change to losing Web Clipper. Furthermore, I have a Rakuten Extension that similarly has been lost in a similar fashion on Safari, but not Chrome. I have no other extensions that I know of.

Any thoughts?

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Probably your installation got damaged when the malware was removed. This may have created more hidden issues than just the web clipper problem.

I think you should reinstall MacOS on your computer, to make sure everything is working smoothly. Safari will be installed as well, since it is connected to MacIS. 

If I remember it correctly, this can be done without a loss of data. 

You should check this, and make sure you have a complete backup before you reinstall.

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