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How do I move focus back to top of Note List using keyboard?

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Hi everyone,

I wonder if you ever have my issue: you do a search in some old notes, you get a search list and navigate to/click on the note and read it. If you are using a keyboard only, you can press shift-cmd-\ to return focus to the Note List, ie the note you've just read, which is highlighted in blue by default. You can then press shift-cmd-A to restore the Note List to All Notes. HOWEVER, the focus (blue highlight) is still on the note you've just read/opened. If you then want to navigate up to the top (most recent) of the Note List, there is no way to do this other than laboriously pressing the up-arrow until you get there, which may be minutes if you have been with EN since 2010 or just have a huge number of notes.

So my question:

Is there another way? Surely there must be. You would perhaps think that CMD-UP-ARROW would do that job, as it goes to the top of a page or note in most apps, but it is no different to just pressing the up-arrow (one note at a time).

My current cludge is to make an unnecessary EDIT (it is not enough to put the cursor in the note body) to the note, say llll and a space. I then wait 2-3 seconds while EN 'realises' that the note has been edited, so that it moves to the top of the Note List sorted by most recently updated. I then press Shift-CMD-\ to focus back into the Note List. I can then press Shift-CMD-A to show All Notes in the Note List. Now the blue highlight is either the first or second in the list of most recent notes and I can then complete the cludge by pressing the up-arrow.

Mercifully, I have Keyboard Maestro that can put all the above under one key-combination but surely there's another way?

Please note that the above applies to EN on Mac OSX. I believe that if you have windows there are equivalent apps.

With many thanks for any help.


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Hi DTLow

Thanks for replying. Perhaps I wasn't very clear: I know that I can navigate to the top of the note list by pressing the up-arrow. But if there are many notes, this can take a very long time. My question is whether there is a quicker way - the most logical to me would be to have this function attached to CMD-up-arrow by analogy with what happens in the note body.

I hope that is clearer.


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8 minutes ago, willnapier said:

navigate to the top of the note list by pressing the up-arrow

Hold down the Option key and press the up-arrow key; jumps to the top of the list

I hope that is clearer.

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