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  1. Yes, thanks DTLow, that's exactly what I have been looking for. Seems obvious now I know. Most appreciated.
  2. Hi DTLow Thanks for replying. Perhaps I wasn't very clear: I know that I can navigate to the top of the note list by pressing the up-arrow. But if there are many notes, this can take a very long time. My question is whether there is a quicker way - the most logical to me would be to have this function attached to CMD-up-arrow by analogy with what happens in the note body. I hope that is clearer. Will
  3. Hi everyone, I wonder if you ever have my issue: you do a search in some old notes, you get a search list and navigate to/click on the note and read it. If you are using a keyboard only, you can press shift-cmd-\ to return focus to the Note List, ie the note you've just read, which is highlighted in blue by default. You can then press shift-cmd-A to restore the Note List to All Notes. HOWEVER, the focus (blue highlight) is still on the note you've just read/opened. If you then want to navigate up to the top (most recent) of the Note List, there is no way to do this other than laboriously
  4. Hi Christophe. I am here because of a related issue (posted separately as "How to focus most recent note in Note List with keyboard". I use Mac OSX and am using Keyboard Maestro to create macros to do things that EN doesn't. I think AutoHotKeys is a similar app for Windows although I'm not sure how similar they are. When I take a webclipping using §, I bring up EN and refresh/sync, and it usually appears at the top of the note list (as per gazumped, you need to select sort by most recent updated). Good luck if you go the macro-app route.
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