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Bug: Unable to return to Main Notebooks list on iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

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Hello there,

I’m using Evernote 8.24.5 on an iPad Pro (2020), running iPadOS 13.5, connected to a Magic Keyboard. When working on a particular notebook, if I want to go back to the Notebook List by clicking the upper left arrow with the cursor using the keyboard’s trackpad, nothing happens, the cursor simply jumps to the corner of the menu area. Only clicking via finger tap works.

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There are some issues with the implementation of keyboard control on the iPad. I use a Logitech keyboard on my Pro (linked via smart connectors) without a trackpad, that worked fine for years. Since trackpad Support got added, it behaves as if there was a trackpad, and the arrow keys jump between touchable buttons instead of positioning the cursor.

I relate this to iOS, not to EN. Maybe try Apple support on this one.

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Thanks for your input. Could bring this to Apple’s attention, though, my understanding is it would imply this particular trackpad’s behavior repeats itself on all other apps, which is not the case here.

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I can observe some of it on different apps. How much it changes the workflow depends on the apps design. I edited a table in Numbers on my iPad, and this did work out badly. I could not, for example, type several words separated by a simple „blank“ from each other on that external keyboard, because the space bar was used for something else.

Apple support suggested I talk to Logitech support about this.

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I see... those things are to be expected, and going back to my initial post, don’t see how this particular problem is out of the app developer’s power to resolve. I mean, I’m no app developer, but I doubt the “apparent” misbehavior of an app, specially one arising after an OS update (which happens all the time), is not for the app’s developer to address in one way or another. Aren’t developers doing this all the time (either giving feedback to Apple about kinks in the OS or making adjustments so their apps keep working as intended)?  IMHO, this is the type of issue that would be much easier for the developer to work out directly with Apple, instead of the end user.

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I am having the exact same problem. I actually switched two of my projects back to OneNote (which I had migrated away from) because I was so frustrated. Not being able to return to the notebook list is such a huge drop in functionality, especially because so much of my  workflow depends on the rapid movement between notebooks. 

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Just tried it - no changes to the EN clients behavior with keyboard.

I think it is more an OS issue. 

My only idea would be to use a trackpad or mouse alongside with the keyboard. The Magic Trackpad works very well with the new iOS.

Have you tried to issue a support ticket with EN about this ?

What about Apple support ?

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