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  1. I am having the exact same problem. I actually switched two of my projects back to OneNote (which I had migrated away from) because I was so frustrated. Not being able to return to the notebook list is such a huge drop in functionality, especially because so much of my workflow depends on the rapid movement between notebooks.
  2. Will upgrading to Premium enable me to Highlight text within a PDF Have those highlighted portions automatically extracted and viewable in a separate list (like say Kindle). The Premium membership lists PDF annotation as a benefit, but I can't tell if this kind of highlighting is supported. Thanks in advance for any help with this.
  3. Same problem here. I just upgraded to the Plus version and the typing lag is a deal breaker. Has anyone ever tried to get a refund from Evernote? I'm thinking the free version is all I need. My hopes of making this my primary work platform have been 100% dashed. I'm glad I was the guinea pig in my department. Here is my question. I've only been using the dedicated software program on my Mac. Does anyone know if the web application has the same typing lag? I'm guessing this has already been covered above, but it's hard for me to tell from reading all the posts. Sorry if this sounds complet
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