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  1. I understand wanting to highlight synergy w/Google Docs-&-Sheets. It's a markable feature, but it ruins the spacing and flow of our notes. Users don't need links turned into massive, space-sucking icons - they just need links. Having large google icons doesn't increase the functionality of the link, and it makes it impossible to embed the links within surrounding text. I have several projects that depend on Google docs & sheets, but now I can't work on those projects in Evernote, and I'm stuck with the daunting task of moving everything to OneNote. I often use multiple lines of text w/several different links to docs and sheets. The large google icons make it impossible for me to link to Google docs/sheets - it creates nightmarish spacing issues. If someone just needs a link and not a large icon, they should be able to just have a link. [text] link-1 [text] link-2 [text] link3 [text] link-4 [text] link-5 link-6 [text] link-7 [text] link-8 link-9 [text] link-10 [text] link-11 link-12 Can someone from Evernote tell us an easy way to get rid of the large google icons? Can we pay $5 extra to unlock the feature that gives us our notes back? Why offer links if you are going to punish us for linking to google docs/sheets? I'm begging. Please help. All we're asking for is the ability to link to google docs/sheets without having our spacing destroyed by large functionless icons.
  2. By taking up so much space, I can no longer integrate Google sheets/docs into Evernote, which means I can't use Evernote on my Mac for anything but article clipping. @Team Evernote - please consider fixing this. Links-as-icons are creating extremely bulky spacing. I need to have several links on a single line along with links combined with text, but this is impossible with such large icons. It also pushes other parts of my note - text I need to view - way down the page. I either need to stop using google-drive products or figure out another note app that allows me to create google links. Please consider fixing and thanks for any help with this.
  3. I am having the exact same problem. I actually switched two of my projects back to OneNote (which I had migrated away from) because I was so frustrated. Not being able to return to the notebook list is such a huge drop in functionality, especially because so much of my workflow depends on the rapid movement between notebooks.
  4. Same problem here. I just upgraded to the Plus version and the typing lag is a deal breaker. Has anyone ever tried to get a refund from Evernote? I'm thinking the free version is all I need. My hopes of making this my primary work platform have been 100% dashed. I'm glad I was the guinea pig in my department. Here is my question. I've only been using the dedicated software program on my Mac. Does anyone know if the web application has the same typing lag? I'm guessing this has already been covered above, but it's hard for me to tell from reading all the posts. Sorry if this sounds completely stupid, and thanks for any help.
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