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(Archived) File linking in EN3 - a workaround

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Local file linking is one of the most important features of EN 2.2 that is missing in EN3. I am a heavy user of file linking so nothing but direct linking ala 2.2 will meet my needs. However, EN3 does accept standard hyperlinks. So if sometimes this feature is needed badly, a simple workaround could be done by first creating a hyperlink in Word and then importing it to EN3, as follows:

1. Open a blank Word document.

2. Go "Insert" > "Hyperlink".

3. In the query box choose "Existing file or web page" and explore to the desired file. Mark it and press "OK".

4. You should get a hyperlink for this file in your Word page.

5. Copy\Paste or Drag\Drop it to an EN3 note. Click twice to activate the link.

Note: Works only in the Windows desktop mode (probably Mac too), but not in the Web mode.

Enjoy! :(

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Hi Helix,

I'm currently playing with desktop client 3.0.550 and if you do

- Copy on a file in windows explorer

- Paste into a Note in EN3, then you can directly create a link to the file

I don't know if this is new to 550. Drag'n drop does not seem to work however.

Have a nice day,


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