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  1. Misery loves company. I've had this issue for a LONG time. Like others, I tend to leave Evernote open and come back to it throughout the day to add notes, etc. Invariably, when it has been "idle" for a while, when I return to use the app, I get the "not responding" message and have to wait for an unreasonably long time before I can use Evernote again. Frustrating to say the least. This happens on both my personal Windows 8 laptop (8GB RAM) and also my less capable Windows 7 work laptop. And I always update to the latest version when prompted.
  2. Old topic but wanted to jump in because, a year later, I have this issue on my Galaxy Note 4. The edge detection appears to be nonexistent, even when I have a dark background against a light page. Example below: Sure, I can edit in Skitch or another app, but that defeats the purposes of having a dedicated document mode.
  3. Sadly, this is still bugging the heck out of me. I was doing a Google search and this very familiar post was one of the top hits. I'm still doing exactly what you described: open file, make changes, "save as" to the desktop, drag it back into EN. Clunky to say the least. Come on, Evernote! How can you expect people to store files in EN but not offer better file management?
  4. Came here to post the same problem. I frequently deal with multiple versions of files and the inability to see the full file names is making it very cumbersome. This seems like such a basic feature so I'm really surprised that it's missing. Below is an example of 3 related files in a note.
  5. I also tend to use option 3) and change the create date. However, I may start doing more with dates in titles to provide additional flexibility.
  6. For me, getting a good scanner was a critical step. I have a flatbed scanner and an all-in-one device...but they are just too slow. I would periodically scan stuff but, more often than not, papers would just pile up on my desk. And then move into bags or boxes, allegedly on their way to a filing cabinet. I finally broke down and purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap. It arrived today and I started going through the stuff on my desk. I was blown away by the speed! It's no longer a chore. At first, I was saving to a folder that automatically imports into Evernote. Then I updated the software and saw a new Scan To Evernote button, so it's even easier now. If you're balking at the price, well, don't. After just an hour or so of scanning, I know this was a worthwhile purchase. No doubt about it. I'm excited about diving in to a paperless lifestyle!
  7. This discussion forced me to look harder at how I'm using Evernote and how I'm using PersonalBrain. I use both programs on a daily basis and have struggled with getting ONE of them to do everything I want. I think I've decided that PB is better for general projects and data that needs a bit more organization, and EN is better for the stream of consciousness stuff that I just want to quickly capture. For those unfamiliar with PB, I made some screen captures tonight that highlight some of the differentiating features that I wish could be done in EN. At first, I tried to share the note from EN but the page looked blank to me.... so I sent it to my Posterous instead. http://supherb.posterous.com/some-featu ... lbrain-vis http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/689 ... 388dec00e6
  8. Like others, I've wished for the ability to have deeper hierarchy of notes. I have to think harder about using tags to achieve this; it just hasn't been a "natural" approach for me. For those looking for an alternative, check out PersonalBrain - http://www.thebrain.com/products/personalbrain/. Actually, I'm a heavy user of both apps, so maybe alternative isn't the right word. Frankly, I've been struggling with how to either 1) create a workflow leveraging both apps or 2) settle on one over the other. I don't have the inclination to go into a detailed comparison of the two atm, but here are a few top of mind thoughts... What I like about PersonalBrain is that it allows me to be more organized (with parent / child hierarchical relationships). What's nice, though, is that you can have multiple parents for any though, so it's much more powerful than the traditional folder structure people are used to. You can also have "jump" thoughts to connect one thought to another ("sideways") without making either one a parent or child to the other. PB also allows you to assign both multiple tags AND thought types to any thought. It's incredibly flexible. What I've been trying most recently is to use EN as the initial repository, dumping everything into it. And then seeing if how it works to put what I think is the more powerful PB interface on top of it: i.e., copying EN hyperlinks and pasting them into PB. Ideally, though, I would just use one app to reduce the amount of time spent organizing data. It sometimes feels like I'm doing double the work. While PB lets you publish your brains to the cloud, this means I need to have connectivity in order to access. I appreciate that I can store notebooks locally with EN and access them from anywhere regardless of whether I'm connected. Anyway, if you haven't checked out PB, I would encourage you to do so. There's a free version. I think it will give you some interesting thoughts (no pun intended) on how you organize your data. Perhaps when I have more time, I'll show some examples of how I would tackle the same activity in either app... and what I see as the pros and cons of each for my own usage. Any other joint PB and EN users out there? I would definitely like to hear how you're managing the relationship between the two apps.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but does EN allow for multiple versions of attachments? I'm also a heavy user of PersonalBrain and it's commonplace for me to be creating a presentation that, for backup and review reasons, has multiple versions. When I launch a file contained with PersonalBrain, I can make changes and File / Save As v2, v3, etc... and each version is stored in the "thought" with easy-to-view attributes, btw (date, time, size). In contrast: I drag a file into EN, launch it, and make changes. No problem if I just save and close. However, if I try File / Save As, the new version doesn't appear in the note (though gets stored in the Attachments folder). In these cases, I'd like to have the multiple versions all (automatically) appear in the original note each time I save with a new name. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible with EN? Thanks.
  10. I use MindManager and will often paste an image of my map into Evernote.
  11. I sure hope you're right. That was my initial thinking, but now this thread really has me worried!
  12. I'm thinking more for pictures taken with my Pocket PC or perhaps scanned images. Often there's extraneous "info" that I would like to cut away and it would be nice not to have to rely on a 3rd party application as an interim step.
  13. Maybe I haven't thought about it hard enough or haven't played around with the beta enough yet, but I'm not seeing a huge divergence between 2.2 and 3. I guess I'm hoping you're wrong and I'm not going to be disappointed in the direction EN is heading. :?
  14. I would really like the ability to crop images in EN, particularly with the now tighter integration with my pocket pc (snap a picture, it ends up in EN, quickly crop as needed). Thanks!
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