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  1. Hi, Adding my vote for strikethrough on MAC. And more generally for better coherence of features between MAC and WIN. thanks, Chris
  2. Hi, Roy, thanks for asking. +1 to support the note linking feature. I really liked this feature in EN2. Thanks, Christian
  3. Hi Dave, Just tested and it looks like the time display has been fixed. Thanks I'm back with my good old local time Best Christian
  4. Hi again Bumping this thread again to notify that the latest EN3 still has the same bug. The published notes don't display local time as is the case in private notes. If I write a note at 8:07 am on 27/05/2008 in Paris it displays 11:07 pm, same day, which is not even a valid Time Zone for the time being. Thanks for listening, Have a nice day, Chris
  5. Sorry menza I don't have acces to any macs around, mostly linux boxes and windows. The equivalent of Ctl+Alt+N should be something like Apple+(?), check the preferences of your mac EN client. C.
  6. Hi, You can do Ctrl+Alt+N (if enabled in the options). This will open your current notebook with a new note ready to type in C.
  7. Hi Helix, I'm currently playing with desktop client 3.0.550 and if you do - Copy on a file in windows explorer - Paste into a Note in EN3, then you can directly create a link to the file I don't know if this is new to 550. Drag'n drop does not seem to work however. Have a nice day, CHristian
  8. Hi, Just bumping this thread to notify that the time display problem (on public notebooks) is still here. Cheers, Christian
  9. Hi, Same thing here using beta 525. Hard freeze upon synchronize on my desktop (Vista ultimate) I have to either kill the process when I can or do a computer restart. No such problem on my laptop (dell latitude / Win XP SP2) using the same beta (525) Christian
  10. Hi A couple of captures to try and clarify the problem of incorrectly displayed date/time in public notebooks. When viewed in the web client, the date/time is correctly displayed When viewed from the public notebook, the date/time is incorrectly displayed Best, C.
  11. Yep I'm talking about publishing from the web client. I have set my local timezone to CET (in web client settings) but when I publish a note into a public notebook it does not keep the local TZ.
  12. Hi, I think there is a problem with the date displayed for published notes. For example, if I write note at 11:56 here in Paris (Central European Time), when I publish it, it will show 2:56 AM which is something like the time in California ?? (minus 9 hours) Note that the time on the web client is okay (11:56), Only published notebooks have this problem. I guess this would need to be adjusted to the local time of publication. Another thing that I find annoying on my continental side of the Atlantic, is that in the web clients, time is displayed in 12 hours (am/pm) format when on my clients (PC / mobile) it is displayed in 24 hours format. It would be nice to have time display synchronized across clients and better to have the option to choose between 12 and 24 hours format. Thanks, Christian
  13. Hi Folks, ...And thanks for the invitation to play. Playing with the windows and the web clients today made me think about a possible evolution of the Evernote 3.0 concept. I thought it would be a great blogging/publishing platform with content grabbing and publishing tools nicely integrated and synchronized over several platforms. I tought that it would be great to make some of the note publics and have some kind of EverBlog. Then reading this forum I came across several threads that described similar ideas. The best was when I discovered that it was indeed possible to publish a notebook and I promptly jumped and made one myself : http://preview.evernote.com/pub/cmagic/CmagicsEverBlog/ They even have permalinks and display tags !! Now, think about mapping tags to blog categories, add a calendar, add the ability to comment, an RSS feed and display several notes (entries) in the front page in chronological order and you have a nice blog. Of course things still need polishing, but it's a nice beta so far. And IMHO, the concept of a "note taking" platform that is also a blogging/publishing platform has some great potential indeed. Anyway you probably thought about it, didn't you ? Thanks for letting us share the excitement; Christian
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