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(Archived) Voice/audio notes

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I tried emailing an audio file into Evernote, but the note turned up empty.

Is there another way to get audio into Evernote? Ideally, something like One Note has wherein you can record directly into Evernote would be great.

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If you install our Windows Mobile/PPC application on your device, you will have the option to upload any "audio notes" that you record with your device. (Microsoft bundles an app to record audio with Windows Mobile, but not every vendor includes this with their hardware.)

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Great, thanks. However, I do not see an option to limit the uploads to all audio notes. It seems to default to audio, pictures, etc. Is there a way to instruct it to upload all audio notes without manually choosing them?

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I don't think the current Windows Mobile client offers a way to upload all audio automatically, but manual-mode for images. It's either all automatic, or all manual.

Thanks for the suggestion

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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