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Tab Names and Saved Searches

David Daly


I find myself regularly having at least 3 tabs open in Evernote, with two of those tabs being saved searches. However, they are saved searches over the same notebook, so the tabs have the same name. What would be ideal is if the tab name would be the name of the saved search, rather than the notebook. Is this possible (I searched and explored and couldn't find anything)? Is this a feature request? 

Thanks for the help. 

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25 minutes ago, David Daly said:

What would be ideal is if the tab name would be the name of the saved search

I moved your post to the request forum
There are existing requests for tab names, but they are asking for a note name

fwiw  I access my saved searches via the shortcut menu
The screenshot shows tabs for a notebook and two saved searches
The shortcut name is shown in the tabs1364660692_ScreenShot2020-05-19at7_36_01AM.png.490d645952263a8ab20ba1a13ee5a65a.png

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Thanks DTLow. I almost started in the request forum. 

I'm using shortcuts for both of those saved searches also. I find I like to have them open for prolonged period of time. 

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