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Split Screen



Split Screen
I'm sure others have requested this, but I cannot find their post at the moment.  Have the ability to see multiple notes at once (without having to pop them out and manually put them side by Sid) would be huge!  I regularly have to refer to other notes that I've worked on in the past and often run in to the frustration of having to switch back and forth.  Multiple panels has been extremely helpful in other programs I use.  

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The post to which you answered is dating before the release of v10.

In general it makes no sense to post on pre-v10-posts asking for help - especially when they post that little information about the OS, the device and the EN client used. You post a solution specific for a Mac (and tell it would be for an iPad, which the linked article is not) - what about Windows, iOS or Android ? I would not care, but it can be misleading to other users coming here for help.

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