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Insert an email into a note and shown as icon

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Hi all - is there any way to add an email from microsoft outlook into a note? And when clicking on the icon the microsoft outlook would open and view/process the email?

Something like the below??


The way I did that...

I copy/paste from microsoft outlook the email to my desktop.

Then I copy/paste the email from my desktop into the note...

Copy/paste from the microsft outlook directly into the evernote doesn't work.

Is there a way to do it faster????

Thank you very much in advance



**** Note that the add in of Evernote doesn't work on my outlook (probably because of the server and the policy rules of my company)

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On 4/25/2020 at 6:39 PM, Spyros Bonatsos said:

is there any way to add an email from microsoft outlook into a note?

Hi.  You found it!  That's the way I use to add an email to Evernote so that if necessary I can doubleclick the icon and reopen the email in Outlook to forward or respond.  I drag and drop to the desktop and from there into a note: effectively one extra keystroke.

When I just need the content of an email I will often just forward it directly to my Evernote account.  With some mail clients it's possible to choose the notebook / apply tags / set reminders that way too.  If that's not available I set up a generic rule and use third-party app Filterize to check new notes and reroute / tag them as appropriate.

How to save email into Evernote


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Hey, thank you for your time and reply. At least I know now,  that what I am doing is ok. When I create a note, and I need to save an email, I use the snipping tool. I make sure that I crop the date and what I need and I place it into a table cell. Helps to save into one note multiple email info.

Thanks once more. 

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