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WhY I chosed Postach.io versus Wordpress

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I'm new on this forum (and not a native English speaker).
After blogging 10 years on Wordpress (a blog with 1000 posts, 5000 comments) , I decide to launch a new blog on postach.io.
Here are the reasons why I chosed Postach.io instead of WP (it's in French).

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to POSTACHIO Team !  I save so much time by blogging on this platform. Is there a part of this forum dedicated to Postach.io? 

Best regards.

Aurore (start using Evernote in 2014, postachio in Dec 2019)


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WordPress is the choice of the vast majority of bloggers. It is used for both personal blogs and online store blogs. You don't have to know much about code to create a functional site on WordPress. But if you want a professional, custom-made site with full functionality, hire WordPress developers. These guys at https://prosvit.design/wordpress-services/wordpress-ecommerce-woocommerce-services/ offer a variety of options to fit your project and fee requirements.

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There are a lot of content management systems. What is good about postach.io: You define a notebook, and every note in there gets posted as a blog post.

For EN users there is probably no easier way. Downside if you want it nice & neat: Will cost a dime or two.

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