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unicode symbols disappear in web client

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I'm using the web client in chrome on ubuntu.

I like to use unicode, and while many symbols like Π, π, α, ⊗, ∘ work, others don't. When I enter 𝓓 or 𝔻, for example, they appear in the window but when I reopen the note the next day, the 𝓓 or 𝔻 has simply disappeared. 

I just tried in firefox, and it's the same issue.

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Hi.  There are heavy hints flying around that Evernote might have a Linux client in development,  which would please a lot of people and solve your issue,  but until that happens you may have to find a work-around.  Purely for interests sake can you say more about why you use unicode specifically and whether it's possible to use a different character set?

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Thanks for your reply! it would be great to have a linux client!

I'm using unicode because it's convenient for math notes, using "xcompose" to enter the symbols.

If 𝓓 and 𝔻 don't work I can use something else, like bold.

But I wonder why some unicode works and some doesn't ... it seems like evernote is simply throwing certain symbols out when saving.

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1 hour ago, jonas743@gmail.com said:

it seems like evernote is simply throwing certain symbols out when saving.

I don't think Evernote throw things out,  but they do translate note content into a bespoke HTML version for their Editor which can then be displayed in several different operating systems plus the web.  Either that language doesn't support the character set you're using,  or it gets (literally) lost in translation when the browser gets the content back again.  ☹️

-I'm just guessing here - if you want to try and get some comment from Evernote try https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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