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  1. Hi! I'm using evernote on linux through the web interface. Is there a way to export all notes at once? I googled a bit, but only found instructions for export using windows & mac apps. I have neither of those, but I have an android phone and an ipad. Is there a way to export everything through the browser interface, or through android/ipad apps? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm using the new (beta) web client in chrome and I like monospace. I know I can select it in the dropdown menu on top, but is there a way to have the monospace font selected by default? Is there a settings page somewhere? Thanks!
  3. I upgraded to the beta version of the web interface, and now it works! Still looking forward to the native linux version 🙂
  4. Thanks for your reply! it would be great to have a linux client! I'm using unicode because it's convenient for math notes, using "xcompose" to enter the symbols. If 𝓓 and 𝔻 don't work I can use something else, like bold. But I wonder why some unicode works and some doesn't ... it seems like evernote is simply throwing certain symbols out when saving.
  5. Hi! I'm using the web client in chrome on ubuntu. I like to use unicode, and while many symbols like Π, π, α, ⊗, ∘ work, others don't. When I enter 𝓓 or 𝔻, for example, they appear in the window but when I reopen the note the next day, the 𝓓 or 𝔻 has simply disappeared. I just tried in firefox, and it's the same issue.
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