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Multitasking and app resizing Android


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Any idea if upcoming version will include ability to resize windows and multitask in Android? Samsung devices offer pop up windows to have 2 apps going simultaneously, and my Galaxy Fold allows side-by-side apps. Evernote currently can not do either.

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Hi.  There's a basic problem that Evernote doesn't store anything locally on an Android (except for search indexes) - each note you look at usually has to be downloaded from the server and any edits have to be kept in temporary storage and uploaded ('synced') from time to time.  Doing that is hard enough for one note thread - getting the bandwidth to download,  edit and save multiple changes would probably destroy performance.  When there's more demand for Evernote to be active alongside other apps,  they might consider building in the display technology that will allow shared screens (if it doesn't already exist) but so far I get by with being able to 'share'/clip content to my notebooks with Evernote available if I need it as a 'recently used app' on my Samsung.  Haven't tried split screen in the new Beta,  but I'd doubt it's available.  Anyone else had a different experience?

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I see this working fine with the native split-screen that comes with Android 10, on a Pixel 3a. Evernote appears to play nicely with GMail, at any rate. I could resize vertically as well.

I didnt know how to do this previously; I used this guide to figure it out: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Split-Screen-on-Android. Kinda neat, actually.

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