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Peer to Peer Sync



I have three devices that automatically sync my entire Evernote database. EN sync logic is very good, but depends on a solid internet connection for all devices, something that is not always available, especially when traveling. Right now I am traveling with such poor WiFi and LTE coverage that some notes are taking longer then a day to upload from one device, and then can take even longer to download to the other town 8devices. Ideally I could make any change on any device then all three devices would sync among themselves via Bluetooth or other local technology. Then, when any one device has good internet connectivity, such as taking my phone to a coffee shop, that device would sync with the cloud. When I then bring back the phone to be near the other two devices, they would automatically sync to the phone, even though those other two devices may not have good internet connectivity. If nothing else, this would reduce internet and Evernote network traffic from users with multiple devices.

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Sounds interesting. Currently if I know I will have a bad connection in the next time (like when on the train), I disable sync completely, work locally and initiate a sync when I have a solid uplink. This is not good,  but better than broken notes by a bad sync.

Probably it would only make the settling of sync conflicts demanding. At the Moment a Sync conflict can arise when on one device a note is changed without internet connection, and the same note is changed on another device as well. If sync is local, the conflict would spread before it can be settled.

But as I say, this may be a small price to pay for a relevant gain.

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