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(Archived) Mac Client - lost notes

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So far, I've been enjoying Evernote, until . . . . I spent 30 minutes entering notes. I saved repeatedly, and even sync'ed a time or two. Then I closed that window. And found that all my notes were gone. :( Big, big bummer. I know it's a beta, but . . . .

What information can I provide to help with diagnosis?

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Which client application are you using? We'd also be interested in the version from the "about" box. If you log in to your account through the web UI, do you see your notes and notebooks there?

Could you also give us your account username? You could email it to me through the forum if you prefer. I'd like to check the logs to see whether we'd received any of your notes.

I'm sorry to hear about your problem ... the client should not report a successful sync if it doesn't put the notes into the service, and the local client should store all unsynched data locally, so we really would not expect something like this to happen.

Thanks for any more information you can send.


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I have to report a similar problem on my Mac client. I had been importing a lot of items, and the Mac client crashed repeatedly. I tracked down the files that were culprit. But information got badly messed up.

During this process, I kept noticing a very long sync during the import, even though I was importing information into a local notebook and hadn't updated anything else. Then I saw that a lot of the files that were supposed to be local were actually sent to the server to my default synced notebook. I am not sure when it occurred because of the frequent crashes.

Just today I started to notice that files I had successfully imported to a local notebook yesterday had somehow disappeared. I had over 800 files that I imported, and had gone through and moved about 200+ to another local notebook. Everything looked good until I saw that today that the total imported files between the two local notebooks had somehow dwindled to 500+ from 800. I know I did not delete them as I planned on archiving them as a backup. Although I am not sure, it seems that they, like the others before, were somehow moved to my default synced notebook.

Although I don't have specifics because of the many crashes and multiple imports, I do believe that there is a serious problem on the Mac client with syncing and data being moved around. I would be glad to help identify the problem if needed.


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I can confirm the data integrity issues with the Mac client. Tonight I tried to import the 800+ notes I had imported earlier to another local notebook. As I was importing, I noticed a long sync and cancelled it as nothing new was entered into a synced notebook. I looked at the web client and there were 40 some new notes in my default synced notebook. They came from the notes I had just imported into a local notebook and should not have been there. I am pretty sure that if I had not cancelled the sync all 800+ notes would be on the web again, and I don't want to manually delete them again.

So for now, I am not going to sync at all until the issue is fixed. I was wondering if others have noticed this problem?


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