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  1. This has been fixed in the 5.6.1 Beta. Thank you! My organizing productivity will soar, now!
  2. Yep, I'm on the latest one, and it's not beta, it's production code. I think this is a bug, but I'd like someone to confirm. Thank you,_david
  3. This new behavior started with the 5.6 betas. I reported it throughout the beta process for 5.6, but never got a response. I was hoping it would be resolved in the 5.6 release, but it's not. I'm running 5.6.0 (450741 direct) on OS X 10.9.4. Thanks.
  4. I've been an Evernote (Premium, now Business) user since 2008, and I love it! I've been using the 5.6 beta for a few weeks, and I like almost every thing about it . . . Except for one new behavior: Here's the old behavior (since 2008): I am in my Daily Notes notebook, and decide to scan a document. I put it in the scanner, press the button, and a few seconds later get a message (ScanSnap Manager) asking if I am finished with my scan. I click "Finish Scanning", and up comes the note, in a new, Evernote windows. I can tag it, make a few notes in it, and assign it to a notebook. If I assign it to Daily Notes, I see it right there in my list of notes. Very simple and productive. New behavior: I am in my Daily Notes notebook, and decide to scan a document. I put it in the scanner, press the button, and a few seconds later get a message (ScanSnap Manager) asking if I am finished with my scan. I click "Finish Scanning", and . . . nothing happens. The note gets created in my default notebook (Inbox), but to get to it, I have to change notebooks, edit the note, and then switch back to Daily Notes to keep organizing there. Not terrible, but definitely a step back from where I'm used to living with Evernote and ScanSnap! I'm seeing this behavior using both ScanSnap S300M and S1100i. Is this a bug, or just a new behavior? Is there any way I can get back to the old behavior? Many thanks in advance! -David
  5. New beta, same problem: Scan paper using ScanSnap scanner. Scan goes into my default notebook without ever opening up. (In EN up to 5.5, the note would pop up so I could tag, label, and put it in the correct notebook.) Now have to go hunt for it. Same behavior using Scansnap S300M and Scansnap S3100i. This sounds like a small deal, I realize, but having the note pop up is incredibly useful when I'm scanning lots of paper. Thank you,_david
  6. Jackolicious - ScanSnap s1300. Thank you.
  7. Still having one problem that's a big bummer for me: When scanning, using a ScanSnap, the new note goes into my default notebook, silently. Prior to 5.6, the new note would come up in it's own window, where I could add tags, move it to the right folder, rename, etc. I really liked the old behavior. Can we have it back, or at least have an option? Thank you!
  8. @jackolicious I'm using a Scansnap S300M. (Yes, it's old, but I've used it with Evernote for 6 years now, and it still works great!)
  9. I'm enjoying the beta, and so far I really enjoy the speed. One issue: I use a Scansnap scanner. Used to be that after I'd scan something, the newly created note would stay open in it's own window, so I could give it a title, assign a notebook, etc. Now, it just goes to my default notebook, silently. I have to go find it, then assign title, tags, notebook, etc. Not a huge deal, but scanning to Evernote is something I do every day, so I'd like to be able to use the old workflow. Thanks!
  10. I use note linking all the time, and I love it. Or, at least, I love the way it USED to work. Now the links take me to my browser, where I have to log in, and then I get old that the best way to see this not is in my Evernote client, and then I get asked if I want to open an external client, and then I get back to my Evernote client. IMO: That's not friendly. I vote for Classic Links. Or something better than the way this is working (not working) now. Many thanks, -david
  11. A strange little buglet I've found in this version of the beta: I start a new note, and enter several lines of text into it. Then, I select a word in the text, and select Format / Link / Add. I paste in my URL, click "okay", and instead of creating a hyperlink, Evernote pastes the URL on the line ABOVE the text I had selected. The selected text does not become a link, either. This doesn't happen every time I try to add a link, but probably 70% of the time. It's nothing tragic, of course, but sort of annoying, since I store lots of hyperlinks in Evernote. Just wanted to report this. Please let me know if you need details / screenshots / etc. Thank you.
  12. Thank you, Evernote folks! I feel great about having horizontal list view back, and I feel even better about how quickly this was resolved. I love and use Evernote every single day, on all my devices, and feel even better about that now. Thank you again!
  13. johnmarshall4 says it perfectly for me. I've been a Premium member since Evernote started accepting Premium members, and it's a tool I use daily and love. Removing the horizontal view is big step backward in usability as far as I am concerned, and I am disappointed with the way it was handled. Please bring back an option for horizontal mode, as quickly as possible. Many thanks.
  14. +1 I loved the list on top / note on the bottom view. Please, please, please bring it back! Thanks.
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