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  1. Is there a way to get Evernote Web Clipper to clip images inside of Apples News app in iOS9? Right now I am only getting the page title with a link. I would ultimately like to clip the page title, link, picture, and some of the text.
  2. Wow, it's been so long since I switched over to Evernote, I almost forget what I did. I remember exporting everything from Journler in a web archive format into a separate directory. There were a lot of files, so I dragged in a few at a time into a separate Evernote database. It worked well, except for some annoying double lines in each file. I believe this has been fixed, but am not sure. I would try this and experiment with a few at a time to see how it works. Good Luck, Vince
  3. I just wanted to say thanks for the PDF support on the Mac side. So far it works great, and syncs flawlessly on the web. I realize that not having a link back to original file limits its usefulness, but I am sure it will be coming. The Evernote team has probably worked some long hours just to get the PDF support out there. Also, the new mixed view is very interesting. I am starting to see where it will become very useful in the future. A nice update overall! Vince
  4. Is there a way to close certain notebooks on the Mac client? I have a bunch of notebooks, many with duplicate entries from the data sync problems I had earlier (btw, thanks for fixing them!). I would like to close these notebooks temporarily, and then go through them at a later time. Any way to do this currently?
  5. I wanted to add to this suggestion. That would be a fantastic way to handle To Do's. I sometimes have the check mark embedded far down in a note also. John mentioned having a stop character to define the To Do. Maybe just an would do it. Vince
  6. I second this as a fantastic idea. I do the same thing as tshare, with a specific section just for Evernote comments/ideas. Vince
  7. I did find this conversation very interesting. A lot of information you never hear talked about, especially long-term storage and retrieval of data. Phil does come across as being pretty sharp, and I hope he can fulfill on the ideas he has.
  8. I can confirm the data integrity issues with the Mac client. Tonight I tried to import the 800+ notes I had imported earlier to another local notebook. As I was importing, I noticed a long sync and cancelled it as nothing new was entered into a synced notebook. I looked at the web client and there were 40 some new notes in my default synced notebook. They came from the notes I had just imported into a local notebook and should not have been there. I am pretty sure that if I had not cancelled the sync all 800+ notes would be on the web again, and I don't want to manually delete them again. So for now, I am not going to sync at all until the issue is fixed. I was wondering if others have noticed this problem? Vince
  9. I have to report a similar problem on my Mac client. I had been importing a lot of items, and the Mac client crashed repeatedly. I tracked down the files that were culprit. But information got badly messed up. During this process, I kept noticing a very long sync during the import, even though I was importing information into a local notebook and hadn't updated anything else. Then I saw that a lot of the files that were supposed to be local were actually sent to the server to my default synced notebook. I am not sure when it occurred because of the frequent crashes. Just today I started to notice that files I had successfully imported to a local notebook yesterday had somehow disappeared. I had over 800 files that I imported, and had gone through and moved about 200+ to another local notebook. Everything looked good until I saw that today that the total imported files between the two local notebooks had somehow dwindled to 500+ from 800. I know I did not delete them as I planned on archiving them as a backup. Although I am not sure, it seems that they, like the others before, were somehow moved to my default synced notebook. Although I don't have specifics because of the many crashes and multiple imports, I do believe that there is a serious problem on the Mac client with syncing and data being moved around. I would be glad to help identify the problem if needed. Vince
  10. That paragraph really scares me. I am new to Evernote for Mac, having tried the Windows version a while back. I really liked what it had to offer, but was looking for more of an all-in-one program at the time. I always end up pushing the limits of a program like Evernote, which is half the fun of using it. I used Zoot for years, then Infoselect and Do Organizer. With the exception of Zoot, the others weren't the most powerful in their class, but they encompassed more functionality like email and contacts, which was what I was looking for. But with the Mac, I now feel comfortable with separate programs that are best in class for each area. So I have been testing out Everote and thought the Mac beta was pretty good for a first go around. I just assumed that the advanced functionality of EN 2.2 would be there in the future, but this thread really worries me. And I always worry when a company alienates it's power users. With an active forum, they really provide a valuable service that you usually can't value with numbers. Let's hope that the fears expressed in this thread don't pan out. The interviews I've heard with Phil make me believe he knows what he is doing. I just hope the VC don't dilute the program too much. Vince
  11. I am not sure if I missed something or not, but I can't seem to find how to copy/paste entries on the Mac? I am importing from other programs, and want to keep copies for archive purposes and in case something crashes in beta. Is there some key combination to copy/paste items? Vince
  12. Just an update on how I plan to handle this unless someone comes up with a better way. I just moved all of the files from my default notebook on the Mac to a backup notebook. Then I synced and still had 800 some on the web. So I am just going through and moving the ones on the web to another notebook called DELETE just in case something goes wrong. It will take a while, but I don't have to think about the actions, just mindlessly click on a note and move. Ah, the joys of beta software Vince
  13. I have been importing a lot of my stuff from Journler and other areas into Evernote for the Mac, and have had a lot of crashes. I believe I tracked down the files that were creating the crash. But now my main notebook on the Mac has 47 entries, and the one on the web has 800+ with a lot of dupes. I assume something happened during the crashes. What I am wondering is, what is the best way to handle this? I tried going through the web and deleting each duplicate, but you have to open the note and then delete. I can't find a way to work on multiple files. Then I am worried that I may delete the one that was stored locally, and that will be deleted. Since this is my default notebook, is there a good way to maybe copy everything locally to a new notebook, then delete the default notebook on the web, and then copy everything back? Or would this mess things up? Vince
  14. Thanks for the tip iafanasyev. I had planned to enter each note individually via cut and paste, but took your advice and exported everything out in different ways. I found that the web archive worked the best, and was able to easily import 800+ notes in no time. I just highlighted about 50 at a time, and dragged them into the Evernote database I wanted. What a breeze! Everything came in pretty well as far as I can tell. As I go through them I will know more. Btw, another nice thing about this method using Journler was that I was able to preserve the header information that contained the Title, Category, Tags etc. So it will be a lot easier to set up the tags etc. I need. Vince
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