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Acquire 'The Brain' for Mind Map Making with Evernote

Avi Lambert


Creating mind maps is one of the most consistent questions by Evernote users. I would love to be able to find new ideas from the notes I have created and kept. Using a well established map making service would get this done. Which is why I suggest Evernote to acquire through M&A 'The Brain' if they are willing to sell. I haven't been using it for a long time, but I can see that it's a seamless experience on par with Evernote, and get the company to meet the customer goal for mind mapping without internal development and other assets and priorities already on the roadmap.

The company The Brain also has been around for over a decade which is a good sign and it also has an established user base.


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16 hours ago, Avi Lambert said:

Creating mind maps is one of the most consistent questions by Evernote users...I suggest Evernote to acquire through M&A 'The Brain'  ...

You've posted the request and we'll see how much user support is generated    
The vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion

As to "one of the most consistent questions"; I don't see evidence of this
I posted a link below to a recent mind mapping discussion

As to Evernote's "M&A"; I wouldn't count on this.
In the meantime, I make use of third party apps to fill in the gaps

Mind mapping is a tool I use in project development
I link to selected notes in Evernote but I don't consider the bulk of my Evernote data as mind map material    


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Thanks DTLow, I was thinking about the discussion you posted. Moh.io is no longer in business from the looks of it now. 

I'm certainly not going to hold my breath about the M&A,  but we will see if this gets any feedback.

Thanks also for noting that you use mind mapping. I find that using mind mapping allow for seeing new connections and ideas with information, which is why I want to use it for my notes. 

In essence, without a large change in the app in a decade, having a mind map for Evernote for premium and business users that already use one is low hanging fruit.




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