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Pictures autoformat


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Hello Bonjour !!

Sorry if this is not posted at the right plaec, feel free to move it ( as long as you tell  me where :)! )

I am Using extensively Evernote on construction maintenance sites  or inspection tours in buildings.

I make use of the  notebooks and the tags  ...

One major issue when you have to convert a Note into a final report is the format of the pictures !!

  • You have to reduce the size of the picture ( in Android pics are always fulsize ( or I missed something ??  ))
  • Then you can type a comment in between pictures.

A major improvement would be

  • to be able to define the size of the pic to be importe from the camera IN EVERNOTE
  • to import this picture in the first collumn of a table
  • Second column for comments !!

I am sure this would be very helpfull for many users !!

I tried vi aformats but no success !!

THanks if you consider this request

Yves  Royer



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Hi,  and welcome to the forums.  At the moment there's no picture control within Evernote.  but if you have a template set up for a note that includes a table,  you should be able to attach a picture to that note within the table.  Just edit the note,  tap within the correct box in the table and then attach your picture(s).  I do this for book reviews - a 2 columns x1 row table with an image of the cover in the right-hand box,  and the review in the left.  If you have a preferred size for the picture - 1080px forinstance - it would be better to take that picture with your device camera set to that standard size,  then merge the notes later.  It's very unlikely (I think) that Evernote will ever have any detailed image handling controls within the app - too much extra baggage for the text editor across the various operating systems that Evernote serves.

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