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  1. Hello Bonjour !! Sorry if this is not posted at the right plaec, feel free to move it ( as long as you tell me where ! ) I am Using extensively Evernote on construction maintenance sites or inspection tours in buildings. I make use of the notebooks and the tags ... One major issue when you have to convert a Note into a final report is the format of the pictures !! You have to reduce the size of the picture ( in Android pics are always fulsize ( or I missed something ?? )) Then you can type a comment in between pictures. A major improvement would be to be able to define the size of the pic to be importe from the camera IN EVERNOTE to import this picture in the first collumn of a table Second column for comments !! I am sure this would be very helpfull for many users !! I tried vi aformats but no success !! THanks if you consider this request Yves Royer
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