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Exclude certain tags from search

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I understand how to find notes that have no tags

I understand how to find notes that are not tagged with a certain tag

What I'd like to do is exclude certain tags from my searches... e.g. I have a lots of notes tagged 'birds', and a lot tagged 'places'. Quite a few have both. What I'd like to do is find all the 'places' that are NOT also 'birds'...

Can this be done? 


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4 hours ago, SaltLakeCeety said:

This is precisely what i"m wanting to do but I don't see a way to do this in the current version of Evernote for OS. Help?image.png.a2f64e57a12c62f4f71e73661e3a862a.png

The filter menu does not allow you to negate search terms like tags etc. You will need to use the search syntax as described above. Type into the search field something like


No spaces. If there are spaces in your tag name then enclose the tag name in double quotation marks. If you want to negate multiple tags just incliude more terms.

-tag:tagname -tag:"tag 2"


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