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Notes stuck in ScanSnap Home. How to move to EN?

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After not using EN in several months, on 7/25/19 I scanned 38 documents in.  They didn't go automatically to EN, but are sitting in ScanSnap Home.  The screen that asks you where to send docs never showed up.  I'm using ScanSnap ix500 (not ix1500) and a MacBook Pro.

As I said, I haven't used ScanSnap in months and wonder, when did ScanSnap Manager become ScanSnap Home?  I don't remember doing an update, but that could just be me.  I do know that SS Manager is nowhere on my laptop & I don't remember deleting it.

How do I move the docs in SS Home to EN on my laptop?

I did edit ScanSnap Home to send docs to EN per https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/218035128--How-to-configure-a-Fujitsu-ScanSnap-to-scan-to-Evernote, but docs still went to SS Home and not EN. 

Another issue is I can't get a 2-page doc to stay 2 pages.  SS Home creates 2 notes, each with 1 page of the doc.

Again, I haven't used EN or SS in months and wasn't that great at it to begin with.  PLEASE HELP!!!  THANKS!!

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ScanSnap Home is the new replacement for ScanSnap Manager, and it came out late 2018. I guess the aim was to simplify the interface and make it less fiddly, and make it something that someone less technical could use. Right-click on the scanned document and choose "Send to" > Evernote in order to send it over.

I hope that helps! You may want to check the ScanSnap site for additional assistance.

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Scan Snap Home is replacing Scan Snap Manager on the Mac, because the older Manager is a 32bit software that will not be supported by the new MacOS versions. Maybe you were asked to do so because Macs currently try to show users the near obsolete software installed.

When you open the scansnaphome window, you will find several profiles. You can modify them, or add own profiles with features you want. The icons on the right upper corner of the scansnaphome window are for this. Before scanning, you pick the profile you want to use. If this is set up to send scans into EN, it will do this.

You can create profiles that send the scanned documents directly into EN yourself. On my MBP it even opens a new window for each scan, making it easy to title it, tag it and move it to the right notebook. The title is created automatically from the document, but it usually does not really show what I want.

I have created 3 EN profiles, one for duplex, one for simplex (these with standard quality and file size) and one for best quality.

In the quality settings you find an important checkbox: It asks whether it shall create a searchable pdf. If it is checked, the pdf will be OCRed by scansnaphome and send with this information to the EN server. EN will not OCR such a pdf again, but will use the OCR information embedded to the document.

There are 2 alternatives: One is a scanner app for the iPhone, that will receive a scan instead of sending it to your Mac. So you can make a quick Scan in between even when your Mac is not running. The other is cloud based. I’ve tried both, but for most scans stick with my ix500 + MacBook Pro.

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