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Can't log in with Firefox extension (Cookie issue)

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I tried a million times and switched all other extensions off and white-listed EN in Firefox, but I keep getting the message that the EN extension cannot save the cookie / FF is not accepting 3rd party cookies.

Does anybody have anidea how to get this done? Can somebody actually confirm the EN extension is working with FF 68.0.1!?

This is really frustrating as I have to c&p into Edge(!) to do the clipping now...

Thank you so much for any help!


PS/EDIT: actually, FF seems to save EN cookies as my credentials are saved when I log in in the extension. But the extension doesn't "unlock" / login with the mentioned message that FF doesn't allow 3rd party cookies...

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26 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  What's your OS and have you another browser installed on your system?  Can you add the extension to that browser?

Win10 and yep, the extension works without problems in eg Edge...

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Hmmn.  What version of Firefox do you have?  Not used it in a while,  but I see my current version is now 68.0.1 (64-bit) and it recognised my logged in Clipper from the last cookie saved (I guess) as soon as it loaded.  I just managed to get this screen clip of my settings before it then crashed (!) but I am running other stuff at the moment...


Do you have any pop-up or content blockers running as well?

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I finally found the cause for this. It was the "First Party Isolation" Addon from FF which seems to be buggy: switching it off didn't do the trick but it must be deactivated/uninstalled!

Thanks for your help!!!

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