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Penultimate iOS 13 won’t write with apple pencil

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Wanted to try penultimate again, after a couple years using other apps. Currently running most recent beta of iOS 13, but can’t write! With Apple Pencil connected it will write a dash to tiny portion of what I am writing, then scroll... like after a half-second will think pencil is a finger, and scroll as such. Anyone else experiencing similar issues? 

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I’m having the exact same issue. The pages now scroll with just one finger instead of two, and so I’m unable to write and edit everything. I need to take several exams and I have all of my notes in Penultimate, so it’s a HUGE issue for me.

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If you need your device for anything serious, do not use a beta.

I am not sure how things will behave when stepping back to a normal release, so there is some risk in this. But if the app is unusable on beta, the only alternative would be to sit it out and wait whether future betas will solve the issue.

From my observation, penultimate is not in the focus of development at EN. Personally I use GoodNotes 5 for any handwritten note taking. Once done, I can export it as a pdf (including the search of the handwritten pages) and store it in EN.

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I agree this is an issue and unlike PinkElephant I think its definitely appropriate to bring it up! After all the purpose of a Beta is to find this exact type of problem before it hits the general population :)

I do agree with PE though that you kind of only have yourself to blame if you are using a Beta on a "mission critical" device... I do and I don't like this bug - it interferes with my workflow - BUT I put myself in this position and for the moment I'm just have to be content with using other note taking software. 

I hope EN will address this and perhaps put some effort into Penultimate, it's a great extension for EN but it is VERY limited compared with most other offerings. Perhaps I should take a look at GoodNotes?

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