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  1. I agree this is an issue and unlike PinkElephant I think its definitely appropriate to bring it up! After all the purpose of a Beta is to find this exact type of problem before it hits the general population :) I do agree with PE though that you kind of only have yourself to blame if you are using a Beta on a "mission critical" device... I do and I don't like this bug - it interferes with my workflow - BUT I put myself in this position and for the moment I'm just have to be content with using other note taking software. I hope EN will address this and perhaps put some effort into Penultimate, it's a great extension for EN but it is VERY limited compared with most other offerings. Perhaps I should take a look at GoodNotes?
  2. I realise this posting is really old BUT I have huge problems with this... Skitch has gone from a productivity boost to a roadblock! Any developments?
  3. Thank you Etherialgirl! You provided a very good example of exactly the kind of situation where this feature is indispensable!
  4. Bankrobber, I'm really not sure why you are complicating and defending this so much. The devices we use are very rarely used by us exclusively and all we want is a mechanism to stop someone handling one of your devices from just opening any notebook in case there is something we don't want them to see. Not to protect us from cyber warfare.
  5. This is not a niche use case. Anyone using Evernote a lot could benefit from keeping the kids out of the Gift Ideas notebook or nosey clients out of other client's presentation notebooks...
  6. I am not really talking about a specialist solution or a way to encrypt anything. All I want is a checkbox on the notebook settings that requires me to enter my password again for example.
  7. You make really good points and I understand that is the thinking behind this. You are right. However I can't help thinking that the fact that it is a conscious decision doesn't automatically mean that it is not a fail. Plenty of fails are badly made decisions rather than mistakes... My point is that for all the clever ai in the world I still cannot use Evernote as the business tool it is claiming to be if I cannot store sensitive data. I am open to the possibility that I am doing something wrong here and just don't understand how to use the product properly, If so, please enlighten me. Is there a good way of, for example, hiding notebooks?
  8. +1 I also love Evernote and use it for everything just as it says on the tin. "Everything" includes some stuff that really shouldn't be read by someone else. People have been asking for this for YEARS and to STILL not having implemented this seemingly simple feature is a MAJOR fail and could very well be a deal breaker for me. Anyone has a solid tip for another app that can do this?
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