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How to make Evernote open links in Chrome?

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I've gone through the options and advanced options in the Evernote desktop app and cannot find a way to set the default browser for opening links. Currently, Evernote opens links in internet explorer. However I use Chrome on all my devices and have them all synced up and generally just prefer it over IE. 

I'm on a Dell Inspiron running Windows 10 home. 


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Not helpful I know,  but I'm also frequently on an Inspiron running W10 and it has no trouble opening notes in my default browser (varies between Brave and Firefox) or even occasionally in Evernote.  There must be a setting somewhere...

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I suppose what would be best would be to add "Open" and "Open With..." entries to the right-click menu for web URLs; the former would open the link in the default browser, and latter would allow the user to open it in a particular browser, and also make that the default action.

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It worked!
I just got this laptop on Wednesday so she is brand spanking new and forgot to change my default browser to Chrome. IE and Microsoft edge are not doing it for me.

Thank you for your help!

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