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iPad: Body of note only accepts one character per line!

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Since Evernote for iOS is crashing in iOS 13 beta (not a complaint; just a fact), tonight I attempted to access the Evernote web client from my iPad (in mobile Safari)—and what I saw there rendered me nearly speechless.

After creating a new note and typing a title, I kept tapping in the note-body area, but the keyboard wouldn't appear. Eventually (by accident), I realized the "tappable" area was at the far left and is literally one character wide. 

What do I mean by that? Well, after the keyboard appeared, I simply typed the word "Aurora"—but I was truly unprepared for what the web client did with my typed text. In this case, a couple of screenshots truly are worth a thousand words. Below is a screenshot of what the web client did with the word "Aurora." (The red arrow is pointing to the first letter.) Even more bizarre: The note synced and displayed in the exact same manner in the Mac client (2nd screenshot). This one's a doozy…

iPad screenshot.png

Mac screenshot.png

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5 hours ago, soundsgoodtome said:

tonight I attempted to access the Evernote web client from my iPad (in mobile Safari)

If this is still IOS13 beta, please indicate in the title

You could try switching to the desktop site.  In IOS12 this is a longpress of the refresh icon8A656CEA-7003-4FAC-B6EA-D9F971251FD3.jpeg.741a13f6fb8dcfe849033f2acd24a9a7.jpeg


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