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Simplified article option in web clipper doesn't work with images

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I like to save articles, and the "simplified article" option used to work quite well for me. But I noticed very recently that it's having problems with images. For example, in this article here,


all of the plots are completely missing if I try to clip it using the "simplified article" option. The regular "article" option has always given somewhat messed up results, but it's really sad to see that the formerly reliable option is now also busted. I'm not 100% sure that the "simplified article" feature used to always work properly with web pages like this, but I do have the impression that it somehow became more buggy just recently.

Attached is a screen shot of the simplified article view with all the graphics missing.

I'm using web clipper on Firefox on a Windows PC. Are any other details about my system relevant?

web clipper - missing graphics.png

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I have made the same observation. This does depend less on web clipper and more on the way the webpage is build. A modern page is based on a sort of data base, drawing the elements of the page from there and building the page from these elements in the browser. This is how it works that you get the same content shown on different devices, from the tiny screen of a mobile up to a large desktop monitor. The pages show in a different way, depending on the interaction between browser and site.

What will be shown in the simplified version depends on how this interpretation of the page is done when the reduced option is used. Some pics will show, others not. Most of all the adds will be gone for good 😉

You can compare this when switching the browser itself to reader view. In my case, often some of the pictures are not showing when I switch into reading mode. And this looks very similar to the web clippers simplified mode. If it is identical I have not tested yet.

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Yeah, the "simplified article" mode looks to be identical to the Firefox reader mode, so I guess the EN web clipper is not actually bringing any new technology in this mode--just using the browser's built in function? Well, in any case, I wish the web clipper worked better, because this is pretty much my entire reason for using Evernote at all--to collect and sort articles.  The regular "article" mode usually results in the saved article having some issues/artifacts.

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By the way, a lot of times an old version of web clipper actually produces better results than the new one.

I see this because I use PaleMoon. It's a fork of Firefox, and because of the fork in the code, I have to remain stuck on web clipper version In some cases, when I use the "article" mode (not "simplified article") in this web clipper version on my PM browser, I get the best results: the images are all there and not distorted in size. I just verified this with the same article that I linked above. I got the best looking final result in my EN client on the PC after I clipped it in PM browser with the old web clipper version, better than the result I was getting in Firefox with the latest web clipper version.

I think the developers should prioritize fixing bugs and improving the function of already existing features, before moving on to new design goals.

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The guys behind FF try to keep the only independent alternative to chrome-based browsers afloat. Remember, Microsoft quit to develop Edge independently.

Google tries to build a monopoly around chrome, like they try to do with Android in the mobile world. Why ? To make more money, I think. What from ? From the data they get by sending a maximum of internet traffic through their products. Our data, yours and mine and everybody’s.

So I believe it is in the interest of us all to have a choice, nor only in the front end but in the engine that drives the browser as well.

Thus, for me it is important that EN continues to adapt it’s Products (especially WebClipper and WebClient) to Firefox as well.

*** end of FF promotion, make it for free ***

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