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Sharing invitations are not received by all intended recipients



I spent an hour on the phone with help this week but haven't resolved this:

When I share a notebook and send a sharing invitation to a colleague, some receive the invitation and some do not. I have two colleagues who use Gmail/Gsuite who did not received the invitation.

When I was on the phone with Evernote Help, I shared a folder with the agent and he did receive it.

Here's what I know so far:

  • It doesn't matter whether I share from my EN for Mac app or from EN on the web.
  • The sharing panel shows that the invitations were sent. No problem there.
  • I am "lucky" enough to have 2 personal and 3 email addresses.  So I shared with all 4 other identities other than the one I use for EN. The invitation didn't go through to my Gsuite Gmail addresses. It did go through to one email address that doesn't use either Gmail/Gsuite or Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Nothing shows up in the Spam/Junk folders. That's not the issue.

Is there any issue with invitations not making it through Gmail servers or Microsoft servers? I recall that some emails with ambiguous from: addresses can get blocked and never make it to the Spam folder. I see that the invitations come from "no-reply-content@evernote.com" but have my full name on them.

Anyone else experience this?  Any solution?


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No similar experience. I just had a share not working a while ago due to the  mailserver of the recipients company IT.

Are maybe some black- / whitelistings or firewalls in between  ?

The share mail will not even make it to the spam filter if rejected before. 

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