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I have an Evernote account that I only access through Desktop (windows), I've never connected this with any other device or site, but by accident I noticed that it's being accessed by an iPhone even though I've never had any Apple product or account.
Does that mean I'm being hacked? Is there any way to see if this hacker has made any changes in my notes?

ps: I noticed now that this device only has 1 access on the same day it was created, and this was recent.

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And for your own peace of mind, do activate 2-factor-authentication.

If there is an attempt to enter your account, you will get immediate notification of this on your 2FA-device, typically your smartphone. And beside this, the attempt will fail because one needs the additional code visible only to you on your smartie.

Hint: In all recent cases, it was never the EN account from which the credentials were taken. They always came from other sources. If you want to check whether account data of yours is circulating in the net, start here: 


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