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Tab S4, Dex and Evernote Attachments

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Unsure of the user base here for DEX but thought I would put this out here and see if it's a common issue, or just me.


Using Dex on Tab S4, I noticed that attachments like a spreadsheet gets a "resource not changed" message when opening.  And indeed I can't update the sheet and save the file back to evernote.  


I can do this when out of evernote however.  


Can someone replicate?

(I have deleted the apps and re - installed)




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Hi.  I'm not a Dex user,  and haven't seen it mentioned in the Forums,  so definitely outside my comfort zone;  but attachments are not usually stored on mobile devices,  they're downloaded from the Server as required.  When changed in the device they then need to be re-attached to the note and re-uploaded to the server for Evernote to 'register' changes.  If you're saying you can somehow edit an attachments 'outside' of Evernote,  I don't know how Dex is finding the attachment file...

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I hear what your saying, however a "feature" of opening and editing attached documents is that you dont have to save separately and then reattach the document.  The save, exit, does it all for you.

I'm asking why it works on non-DEX mode, vs DEX mode.

Cam anyone else double check?


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