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Unable to save mails in a thread with Evernote for GMail




Having a mail thread, I'm only able to save the last mail to Evernote, using Evernote for GMail.
I find this quite annoying making the otherwise great add-in less usefull to me as I have to forward some mails to Evernote.

I 'm aware I can turn 'Conversation view' of and thus only see one mail at the time, but conversation mode is more important to me than Evernote for GMail, so I do not consider that a viable solution.

One way of handling this is to save all mails in thread or open/unfolded mails.


Henrik Molke Rediin
Happy Evernote user since 2010

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@HenrikMR, try these steps and see if this is what you want:

  1. Open the email conversation
  2. Open the Evernote for Gmail app
  3. Click the "..." menu item at the top and select "Settings"
  4. For "Conversation view", select "Show messages in thread"
  5. Click "Apply Changes"
  6. Click the Arrow icon to go back to the main interface
  7. You should now see "Conversation" and the ability to select what messages to clip

Once you've applied the settings change, it will remember it for future clips.

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