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  1. Thank you, Scott for a swift and helpfull answer. Glad to see you have this feature covered 🙂 Regards, HenrikMR
  2. Hi. Having a mail thread, I'm only able to save the last mail to Evernote, using Evernote for GMail. I find this quite annoying making the otherwise great add-in less usefull to me as I have to forward some mails to Evernote. I 'm aware I can turn 'Conversation view' of and thus only see one mail at the time, but conversation mode is more important to me than Evernote for GMail, so I do not consider that a viable solution. One way of handling this is to save all mails in thread or open/unfolded mails. Thanks, Henrik Molke Rediin Happy Evernote user since 2010
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