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Bug: Card View has No Cards

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So, after panicking for a while, wondering where all my content had disappeared to, I figured out that the none of the cards that should appear in card view and expanded card view are appearing. I can see all the notes in snippet or list views, but in card view and in expanded card view, no notes appear.  Problem seems specific to mac version.

Evernote Version 7.9.1 (457703 App Store)
MacOS 10.14.5

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Hi.  So there appears to be a new version out there - read the thread before you upgrade - but the 'rebuild your index' advice might be relevant here...


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i had this same issue and the following solved it:

Please try reindexing your searches. Hold down Option on your keyboard and select Help > Troubleshooting. You will see two search reindex tools in there, apply both and wait a few minutes. If the issue persists then contact support with your activity logs. 

then quitting evernote and restarting my mac. 

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