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  1. So, after panicking for a while, wondering where all my content had disappeared to, I figured out that the none of the cards that should appear in card view and expanded card view are appearing. I can see all the notes in snippet or list views, but in card view and in expanded card view, no notes appear. Problem seems specific to mac version. Evernote Version 7.9.1 (457703 App Store) MacOS 10.14.5
  2. I am also having this problem. I tried to use my mac to take a picture of a document. I selected "new facetime camera note" and took the picture, but it's kinda useless to me because it shows up reversed - as if I'm looking at the document in a mirror. Why? While I suppose there are times when you want to take a video note, there must be more times when you want to snap a picture of a document, and it would be nice to use the build in camera without fussing about. I found that I could accomplish my goal by launching photobooth, making sure it's not set to mirror images (found under edit menu), then just snap the picture and share it to Evernote.
  3. I ran across this thread after discovering the EN Business Card Scanning feature and wondering why I didn't see that feature on my Nexus. That got me wondering about other EN feature differences. I don't think the issue of whether a feature is premium or not is really that relevant. As a premium member, you expect premium service. While I would never complain about the fact that there are more 3rd party tools for iOS, when Evernote itself puts more effort into it's iOS development than it's Android development, it does make me feel somewhat jilted. Paying to be a premium user and then being made to feel like a 2nd class user does kinda sting. I'm sure there's method to the madness but that doesn't change the feeling much. I'd like to see a clean comparison of Evernote features on iOS vs Android. Perhaps I'll change to iOS on my next upgrade. (FWIW, I have absolutely no complaints about my Nexus or Android - except when it comes to Evernote!)
  4. +1. I miss this feature from my OneNote days. Although there are ways of using tags etc which can help, I like to organize information spatially. It's not just about being organized, it's about creating meaning from information. Spatial organization helps me bring meaning to notes. EN does a great job of helping me capture and find info, but I wish EN did a better job of helping me create meaning out of my notes. Spatial organization is one thing that would help. Other features that would help are: Enabling me to make mindmaps in notesEnabling me to start typing anywhere on a pageQuick drawing tools
  5. +1 Alternatively, if I could at least resize a photo, that would be great. Often, I'm trying to transcribe something I snapped from a whiteboard and the photo comes up very large. Being able to zoom or resize the photo would help.
  6. There is no one particular notebook of mine that is the right notebook to use as a print destination. But quite often, the right destination for a given print job is going to the be the right destination for the next few notes I print. So instead of forcing me to define a single default destination, I would like EN to give me the option to define the destination as I'm about to print to EN, and to suggest the last used destination as the current destination. OneNote on windows has this feature and I'm missing it.
  7. Bump for this. Tag clouds are a fun way to discover patterns.
  8. While opening and resizing each image might be a workaround, a better approach would be a way to tell EverNote "Hey, I really don't need print quality images in this doc, could you just compress them all, please." PowerPoint has a similar feature.
  9. I have the same problem and wish for EverNote. It's fine to use Preview to add notes and highlighting, but the notes and highlights that I add in Preview are actually the most important things about that document. So it would be nice if EverNote would treat those notes and highlights with the priority warranted. Maybe within the note container, EverNote could include a summary of the notes and highlighted passages that are found within the PDF file, with links that open the PDF to the spot where the note or highlight resides. At the very least, annotations added in Preview should at least be searchable from within EverNote. That doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. In some respects, OneNote is better than EverNote for these needs. OneNote doesn't let you highlight blocks of text, but you can directly annotate any document printed into a note form, add tags, bookmarks, highlight, etc. It's a bit more cohesive approach that ensures your annotations are searchable and not 2nd class elements of the document.
  10. I also found this an odd behaviour. Many, many of the notes that I add are added via printing, emailing or web clipping. And when I open or flip to the EverNote app, most often, I'm doing so to access a note that I recently added. So "Recent Notes" is where I naturally expect to find recently added notes. I think that Recent Notes should be the last 5 notes added, not the last 5 notes edited. If that's not possible, then it would at least be be less misleading if it was renamed to Recently Edited.
  11. +1 for image and file encryption. I'm not sure who would be buying EN Business without the data being ecrypted - particularly after their infamous breach. Seems like something the product should have been founded upon.
  12. jefito, If EN has architected their products correctly, then users with 2FA would not have their data exposed from an exposure of usernames and passwords. Your question raises a good issue, perhaps there are other weaknesses in their core architecture. Perhaps that's why a 2FA solution doesn't seem to be in their product roadmap.
  13. Google has just released Keep. It's an app similar to EverNote but you can secure things with Google Authenticator. Since it seems that EN will never get around to offering 2FA, I'm going to start using Google Keep for things I'd rather not keep in EN. Here are a few points of comparison: Google Keep uses drive for online storage, so if you've turned on Google Authenticator, your notes are already protected. Like so many other side projects, google keep may be orphaned by the company while EN is updated very frequently. Google Keep doesn't make text in photos searchable as EN does. Google Keep app doesn't include an app pin option like EN does. (Since I use a phone pin anyways, this isn't a security set back for me.) Google Keep doesn't enable multiple "notebooks". Google Keep doesn't offer encrypted notes. Google Keep has a much cleaner, simpler interface. I prefer the Google Keep interface.While I think EN is a much more fulsome note keeping solution, I'm going to start using Google Keep and see if I can live with the warts. I'm still disappointed that EN hasn't made 2FA a priority, so my move is being made partly out of spite, I guess.
  14. Offended because EverNote should make the security of it's customers a priority. I'm not offended that Evernote is making new products that I consider derivative, trivial and pointless. I'm offended because Evernote is putting effort into such products without first providing adequate protection for its current paying customers. As the EverNote security breach notice that I received today makes clear, EverNote is an attractive target for black hats. It is a trivial amount of work for Evernote to implement some sort of 2FA solution. Google Authenticator and YubyKey are both extremely simple to implement. So yes, I'm offended that years after I and others brought it to EverNote's attention, the request remains ignored while bulls#$t spinoffs are cropping up and notices of EverNote security breach notices include ***** such as "We take our responsibility to keep your data safe very seriously". That's just not true. Evernote is not taking security seriously. And you're damned right, I'm offended.
  15. Sometimes I take notes on a web page and then a month or so later, I return to the same page. When I return, it would be nice if I could instantly open the note related to the page. How about a right click link from the clipper button that opens the note related to the current page. Although it would be nice to have a visual indicator that lets me know whether a page has a related note, I'm guessing that this would require more resources than I would want to use, so I'm willing to live with the fact that the link may return no results when no page is found.
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