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"Created by" and "Shared with" info in non-shared notebooks

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In a shared folder you can see this information in the top of the note area. However, when a note is emailed into evernote and not placed in a shared notebook, this appears to be missing. Isn't there a way to see this information also in non-shared notebooks? If I drag an existing note from a non-shared notebook into a shared notebook, this info magically appears. So it must be possibe lto see it somehow I guess.

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I dunno, I have never tried, I've wondered, but, just to be clear, you are wanting to see shared notes in unshared notebooks?

If so, then ( another question ) are they notebooks that you shared with someone, or ones that someone else has shared with you?

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Thanks MatS14. I really only want to be able to see who has created a note nomatter if it is placed in a shared or a non-shared notebook. This information that is displayed at the top in a shared notebook is very valuable, and should in my opinion be available everywhere.

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Oh, I don't really think that is possible, as I've said before, at least I don't think it is, but you can change the subject, only if you can edit in the note, and write down next to the title ( in parenthesis ), the person that shared it:        "Created by" and "Shared with" info in non-shared notebooks [ mlu ]        

Also, you could make a note book for each person that shares with  you and put the notes in there, but I think a lot of notebooks would be really roomy. :) 

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I think contacting Evernote support via. Email if your a subscriber, or via. Twitter at @evernotehelps would probably be helpful, but if my above post /\ helps, then you don't need to. Or another option is DM ing (personal messaging) staff on this Forum like @Nick L. or @Shane D..

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