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(Archived) Multiple Snapshot Images In One EverNote



I spend a lot of time researching projects and need to take photo's of things that I see in the field. The problem is that each photo i take creates a new note and I could take 20 photo's at a time which just clogs up my notebooks and creates additional work!! Please someone tell me that there is a way I can take multiple snapshots and keep them contained within one evernote?

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Thanks Metrodon...i didn't even know that I could merge notes!!..your suggestion will help me with a number of tasks, although I'd still rather have the option to save many photo's to one single evernote as this would save me the hassle of having to merge.

Whilst you're being so helpful :0) when I try to scan a multiple page document into evernote, the documents is split and each page is given a separate note. Is there a way I can scan a doc of any number of pages to one single evernote?

any additional help welcomed.

Thanks, Si.

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Why 2 separate Evernote notes?

That is the way Evernote works when you scan a multiple page document in a JPG format.

After the 2 notes are created, you can merge them into a single Evernote note. In Windows, you select both notes, then right click to merge both documents.

Almost all of my documents are PDF's. I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner that allows me to feed multiple documents through the scanner automatically. They are put into a single PDF file and into a single Evernote note.

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Thanks JB; what is happening is very odd....if i scan 5 pages I end up with 5 EN's that build on the previous one (see below). My scanner (which is a top of the line Xerox machine) doesn't seem able to store all the pages until the scanning cycle is complete and then create one single EN containing all the scanned PDF's...any more ideas? Si.

EN1 = page 1

EN2 = pages 1&2

EN3 = pages 1&2&3

EN4 = pages 1&2&3&4

EN5 = pages 1&2&3&4&5

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