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Evernote for gmail easy question

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I think I've figured out some of my problem.  I can't use a 3rd party email with email accounts.  I have to use the gmail android app.

When I open an email and scroll to the bottom, I see the EN icon.  Click on that and I get "log in to EN."  My problem is, I'm always logged in to EN - the app - not the web page.

Must I be logged in to EN on the web?  Hope not.  That negates the value of the EN app.

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16 hours ago, required_username said:

I think I've figured out some of my problem.

Hi.  You didn't actually tell us what "the problem" is,  but you seem to be on the right track.  The Gmail integration is with your mail account in the Gmail app and the plug-in isn't available (yet) in third-party app.  You do need to log the plug-in into Evernote,  so it knows where you want to send any clips,  but you do not need to have anything open on screen.

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Thanks for the reply.  The problem is/was having to log in to EN when it''s already open.  Only way I found around it was to log out, login using a coworker's account, log out, and log back in to my account.  Don't know why this worked,  Don't care.  But I'm happy now.


Off-topi, but it reminded me of an EN annoyance.  Can't share stacks.

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