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Dark mode cursor not visible

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Using Evernote on a Mac with dark mode enabled looks good, but it's practically impossible to find the cursor which is a very thin, vertical blue line on a dark grey background.  Help us 50+ folks out and make it easier to see please!

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22 hours ago, geronimolives said:

You'd think it would be obvious that a thin black cursor against a dark gray background wouldn't be ideal.  Still waiting for improvement as of May 23.  

It's resolved for me (7.10, MacOS). Looks great now.

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I'm on 7.10 MacOS Mojave 10.14.5, and it still isn't fixed. IMPOSSIBLE to see the cursor :(    

Did some more testing - this is just with web pasted content.   If I get out of those paste blocks, the cursor is white and very visible again.

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