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  1. If I do not allow Evernote.come to use the space, once I log on again, it will return me errors. Evernote developers, please advise.
  2. I just saw a message asking " do you want to allow Evernote.com to use up to 1.2 GB storage on your device " on my MacBook and I accidentally clicked yes. How can I reverse the decision? I am using the web version only to save space on my MacBook... I do not want the web version also occupy my MacBook storage. Thanks.
  3. I also face this same issue. I used the app on macOS. How long does it take for them to fix this issue... it has been 2 years....
  4. Noted with thanks. After uninstalling, should I locate .com.evernote folders and delete them too or MacBook will remove those folders in library automatically ?
  5. By the way, gazumped, if I delete those local copies from the app in library folders, the notes will still be there on the server?
  6. Sir/Madam, The idea of cloud server is to hv more storage capability and access them from anywhere. That is one of the key competency of Evernote. The Evernote app on MacBook defies the purpose above: the app will save a local copy of the notebooks. This implies that the max storage I could get is probability limited by my MacBook storage capacity and MacBook normally has very limited storage capacity. We need a feature where I could switch on and off for local copy. When I switched off, content will be saved on the server only but not on my local MacBook. Please develop this
  7. OK Noted with thanks. I do hv the app installed. Evernote develop team, if you could add a feature where we can choose whether to store a local copy or not, that would be great.
  8. If I hv 10 GB notes on Evernote, does that mean locally I will also hv 10 GB content backup on my MacBook? If so, how can I make sure that all the notes are only saved on the cloud server but not on my MacBook(MacBook has very small storage )
  9. I face the same prob. Evernote customer response is super slow. This problem has been existed for years and no one from Evernote cares.
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