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  1. I've mostly switched to https://boostnote.io/ -- it's under active development and has a great open source ecosystem (sources features with IssueHunt, etc.).
  2. Yeah, I totally get the challenge of that, but it's pretty unfortunate from a UX standpoint. I'm additionally touchy about it because I only use large attachments in local notebooks where there's not much technical rationale for capping note size, so the prospect of losing write access to local notes seems particularly irksome.
  3. I know? I don't want to end up in a position where, if I don't renew my premium subscription somewhere down the line, I (a) have to remake hundreds of notes with attachments for the notebook to sync without error, or I (b) lose the ability to edit the text in notes with attachments that exceed the basic subscription limit.
  4. This is exactly why I am not upgrading my subscription. It would be terrible if I changed my subscription some years down the line and suddenly became unable to edit text in notes with larger attachments (or had to go through every single note that exceeds the new limit -- potentially hundreds -- and manually reedit it for the notebook to sync again). Furthermore, having size limits on notes in local notebooks seems insane. None of the same sync arguments apply -- seems like needless handicapping. If Evernote manages to figure out how to ensure that I don't lose write access to my notes if my subscription changes I'll upgrade to Premium the same day.
  5. Any chance of getting the code block to prevent the auto-formatting of text without disabling smart text system-wide?
  6. It's resolved for me (7.10, MacOS). Looks great now.
  7. Still seems to be the case in the release (I'm on Mac).
  8. Any progress on this? It seems like a ridiculous solution to need to turn off smart text formatting system-wide in order for codeblocks to prevent auto formatting, especially considering that virtually every web form that uses code blocks (stackoverflow, github, etc.) can handle this. Using smart quotes is important for my other text processing, I just want evernote to prevent them in codeblocks.
  9. I have no interest in turning off smart quotes system wide. That would be a ridiculous solution. I write text documents too and smart quotes are import. I just want evernote to prevent smart quotes in code blocks, just like every other app and website that has code blocks (sublime, jupyter, latexit, stackoverflow, github, etc., etc.). Both when typing and pasting. Code blocks seem pointless without that.
  10. Can you please please prevent smart quotes from self-inserting in code blocks? I destroys my ability to copy and paste code. Really, the codeblocks are nearly pointless if I can't type a " and have it stay executable. Is Search and Replace on the way? I'd love that. And incline code with single hashes like every code-related forum on the internet. Love the dark theme, nice work with that.
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