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On 3/23/2019 at 2:52 PM, GregEvernote2011 said:

Could you please update the UI on the Mac and Ipad

For what purpose?  Is there something specific that you find hard to see or use?  Can you provide examples of what you would consider a good/better UI?

Personally, I dislike changes in UI just for the sake of change.  I like tools that I know how to use, that I have formed muscle-memory for most of my main tasks with it.  Changing the UI that just moves stuff around (menus, buttons, layout) for no good purpose highly disrupts my workflow.

There are some UI changes that I would like that would greatly help my workflow.  But I'd much rather Evernote focus on fixing all of the material bugs that have existed for months, if not years.  I especially would like Evernote to produce a solid, stable, bug-free version that works on macOS Mojave, including Spotlight indexing/searching.

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People like new shiny things...then there are the people that dislike change and will complain about anything new.


Unless there's a good reason to update the UI like a new feature set then I'm not sure of the value.

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