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Blank page for new Evernote web


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Now when I log into the new Evernote web, the page is blank. There's no option to go back to the classic version. 

Is there a way to start the web version fresh? I don't want to have to delete cache and log into all my services again.

I'm using Chrome 72.0.3626.109

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Hi.  When you say "the page is blank" do you mean you're completely white-screened,  or that you don't see any note content?  If you can see "Settings" (under the icon/ user picture) the step-back option is there.  Plus.  What URL are you on?  Have you tried another browser to get past this stage?

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Yes, it is a completely white screen. I've been attempting to go in through a number of different links, including https://www.evernote.com/client/web

I've tried Edge and that enabled me to switch back to the older version. But I have many links to Evernote notes that do not work for the older version. When I switch back to the new version again, it is still blank. 

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Hmmn.  Note links should work regardless of the UI version you're seeing.  I seem to recall some reports of blank screens in Chrome,  but I don't know whether that was ever fixed.  I'd suggest you raise a support ticket and see what Evernote can come up with.  Meantime there are  many other browser options including Vivaldi and Brave which are Chrome clones that you might be able to use...

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Thanks. The new version works in Chrome Incognito. But it doesn't in the normal Chrome, even with all extensions disabled.

The link does send me to a record in the old Evernote, but it is not editable. The new one is.

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