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  1. Thanks. The new version works in Chrome Incognito. But it doesn't in the normal Chrome, even with all extensions disabled. The link does send me to a record in the old Evernote, but it is not editable. The new one is.
  2. Yes, it is a completely white screen. I've been attempting to go in through a number of different links, including https://www.evernote.com/client/web. I've tried Edge and that enabled me to switch back to the older version. But I have many links to Evernote notes that do not work for the older version. When I switch back to the new version again, it is still blank.
  3. Now when I log into the new Evernote web, the page is blank. There's no option to go back to the classic version. Is there a way to start the web version fresh? I don't want to have to delete cache and log into all my services again. I'm using Chrome 72.0.3626.109
  4. Most often when I select "Copy Internal Link" I get a link to the saved search, not the note directly, even if the note is maximised. This is also what appears in the address bar. But there are a few occasions when it is a direct link to the note, even when the note has been selected in a search. I'm trying to work out a system behind it.
  5. Yes, as I say, that creates an internal link of the search, rather than the individual note.
  6. Yes notes. This is what you see on the web version:
  7. I'm curious to know how you can get an internal link to an individual card on the web version. If you found the card via search, you seem only to be able to get a link to the search. I can't find a way of opening the card outside the search parameters (I get the long workaround is to update it and then look to the top of the notes list, but I presume there might be a shorter way).
  8. Well, clearly they're working on it, which is reassuring. The drop-down menu in the new version is working correctly now. One issue that still puzzles me is how to reliably get an internal link for a card on Evernote web. Sometimes it points to the card, and other times to the search term that led to the card. I do first maximise the card.
  9. Yes, I can access the old version in Firefox OK. But not Chrome.
  10. Yes, but the old version is not working for me at all any more. I've cleared the cache and cookies, but it still comes up blank.
  11. The new version of Evernote seems to only work on Chrome or Safari. I have the latest Chrome in the latest Windows.
  12. I'm using the new web version on the latest Chrome browser. When I expand the list of notebooks, it extends beyond the current screen. But there is no way of scrolling down to find a notebook beyond current screen full. Also, this removes the visibility of the tag field on the note. I'm getting tired of all the fuss about new features like templates. I hope there can be a focus on the fixing the details of what exists already.
  13. One of the reasons I'd look at Nimbus is simply by price. By my reckoning, the cost of Evernote Premium increased 50% last year. That's big. I couldn't quite believe it at first. When I queried it, I received no response. You'd think for that price you'd get some engagement. But that's the story of Evernote, unfortunately.
  14. Some notes created from scanned business cards do not show the image of the card. The card image appears in the list preview, but not the note itself. This is quite puzzling and frustrating as the purpose is to have the card retained as a reference.
  15. Phew! You saved me. I was going crazy. I thought it would be in the Search options. Thanks Jeff.
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